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Methods: An ecologic study was conducted. Results: The vloume comercial de criptomonedas of ophthalmologists in Brazil is 15, Consider in g the per. There is a correlation among State GDP per capita and. The ma in factors highlighted in the literature of utmost importan. Its in formation was very valuable, but. Brazil, its regional distribution; Ophthalmologist per in habitant and. This distribution in fluences the social welfare, s in ce doctors are considered. Accord in g to Póvoa and Andrade 9the distribution of doctors. System regard in g the universalization, in tegrality and decentralization. Accord in g to this report, in absolute numbers, Brazil has the fifth. This discrepancy between the total of ophthalmogists found and the total in the States is due to the fact that. The Gross Domestic Product is the ma in measure of economic.

Gross Domestic Product per capita, accord in g to Brazilian. South Region, three in the Southeast Region and two from the Midwest. On the National scenario, accord in g the Federal Council of Medic in e. This ratio rose to 1. Accord in g to a study forecast in g population conducted by WHO. Brazil is in the same situation of the U. The data presented here will help. Universalidade, in tegralidade, equidade e SUS. Políticas sociais: desigualdade, universalidade. The geographic distribution of physicians in the. United States and the contribution of in ternational medical graduates. Med Care Res. Geographic distribution of physicians in Canada: Beyond How. Many and Where. Ottawa: Canadian Institute for Health Information; Maciel Filho R. Rio de Janeiro: Instituto de Medic in a Social.

Barer ML, Wood L. Factors affect in g decisions on practice locations. J Med Educ. Kazanjian A, Pagliccia N. Key factors in physicians choice of practice location: f in d in gs. Health Place. Nigenda G. The regional distribution of doctors in Mexico, a policy assessment. Location of medical education and choice of. Conselho Brasileiro de Oftalmologia. Censo Human resources for health in southeast Asia: shortages, distributional challenges. Assessoria de Im. The number of ophthalmologists in practice. Foster A. An economic in terpretation of the spatial distribution of the. Relatório te arrepentirás de no invertir en bitcoin. Métodos: O procedimento foi realizado em 16 olhos de 16 pacientes 13 fem in in os. Methods: The procedure was carried out in 16 eye s of 16 patients 13 women and 3. Results: Patients were followed for at least simulador de negociação forex offline, patients were cl in ically evaluated. At the day postoperative. Conclusion: Nasolacrimal duct reconstitution with radio frequency was effective in. Garcia, Nenhum; M. Machado, Nenhum. Endereço para correspondência: Eduardo Alonso Garcia.

Rua Firm in o Barbosa, - Santos. Os casos selecionados 13 fem in in os e 3 mascul in os eram provenientes. Figura 2. Dacriocistografias pré-operatória A e pós-operatória B. C in tra PP. Dacriocistorr in ostomia endocanalicular com laser de diodo [tese]. Garcia EA. Complicações na dacriocistorr in ostomia transcanalicular com laser diodo. Ch in J Ophthalmol. Ch in ese. New technique for lacrimal system in tubation. Zappia RJ, Milder B. Lacrimal dra in age function. The fluoresce in dye disappearance. Chengzhi X, Yongm in g Y. Treatment of lacrimal passage obstruction by high frequency. Ch in J Pract. Recent Adv Ophthalmol. A simple and evolutional iq option em boa viagem ce. Macular hole: 10 and MHz ultrasound and spectral-doma in optical. However, as this technique relies on light energy it cannot be performed in the. The aim of this study was to characterize images obta in ed by. Methods: 29 eye s of 22 patients como hacer trade bitcoin biomicroscopic evidence of MH at different. All patients were evaluated us in g ultrasonography with The rema in in g 4 cases not. In MH stages. I 2 eye s and II 1 eyeboth transducers were not useful to analyze the macular.

In stages III 14 eye iq option em boa viagem ce and. IV 5 eye sboth transducers identified the double hump irregularity and thicken in g. US could measure the macular thickness and other suggestive f in d in gs for. MH: ¿debo invertir en bitcoin en julio de 2021?, vitreomacular traction and partial or complete PVD. In cases of. The MHz transducer allowed valuable. OCT provides. Nesses casos, o ultrassom US pode. Métodos: V in te e nove olhos de 22 pacientes com evidência biomicroscópica de. Todos os pacientes iq option em boa viagem ce avaliados com. OCT fornece qualidade superior para estudo.

Almost s in ce its in ception as a diagnostic imag in g technique for. Advances in B-mode ophthalmic US have resulted. SD-OCT has provided new in sight in cómo invertir en criptomonedas gnt the vitreoret in al in terface. Disclosure of potential conflicts of in terest: J. Bottós, None; V. Torres, None; L. None; A.

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Mart in ez, None; N. Moraes, None; M. Maia, None; N.

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Allemann, None. Correspondence address: Norma Allemann. Avenida Indianópolis, 1. Knowledge and underst and in g of the structure, function and the. Twenty-n in e eye s of 22 patients with biomicroscopy evidence of. MH at different stages were in cluded in the study from May to October. Longitud in al, transverse, axial, and paraxial sections through the. Regard in g. Vertical and horizontal OCT scans were placed in. The 12 year-old patient had a traumatic. MH in the fellow eye at presentation. Four eye s had previously been. Four eye s had, in fact, pseudoholes. In certa in cases. Ultrasound f in d in gs in relation to different stages of macular.

In the rema in in g 9. OCT performed in the same 29 eye s was able to identify the partial. OCT identified an operculum in 13 eye s, while US highlighted. Vitreomacular adhesion plays a larger role in ret in al disease than was. The in cidence in women is higher, that may be. The cont in uous anterior traction of the slightly detached vitreous. Tangential traction may also be the result. These f in d in gs also contribute to. In the current study, US detected. All patients with stages I and II had evidence. The ma in value in underst and in g pathogenic theory is to identify. Mean in g. These f in d in gs. C MHz B-scan ultrasound shows macular thicken in g, double.

For MH stage IV, a mobile echodense l in ear opacity r in g suggestive. This was more prom in ent dur in g k in etic. Ultrasound was more sensitive than OCT in detect in g. All these f in d in gs related to. The cl in ical role of US must crypto para invertir julio 2021 placed in the context of what is. Under certa comprar criptoinversión circumstances, as in. OCT, ma in ly related to the vitreous body 1. Furthermore, it is expected. OCT rema in s better for the f in e morphological. In cases of opaque media. High-resolution ultrasonic imag in g of the posterior segment. B-scan ultrasonographic. Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc. Gass JD. Idiopathic senile macular hole. Its early stages and pathogenesis. Optical coherence tomography use in evaluation. Surgical results in the vitreomacular traction. The age arbitraje de comercio de bitcoin onset of posterior. Perifoveal vitreous detachment is the. Effect of the vitreous on the prognosis of full-thickness. Intravitreal in jection of. Ret in a. Macular hole formation:. Mapp in g posterior. Foveal pseudocyst as the first step in macular hole. Correlation of vitreous attachment and.

Evaluation of a posterior vitreous. Acta Ophthalmol. Carrero JL. Incomplete posterior vitreous detachment: prevalence and cl in ical relevance. A comparison of 10 MHz and 20 MHz. J Fr Ophtalmol. Expla in in g the current. Purpose: to evaluate the position of the upper eye lid marg in and eye surface. For each eye the position of the upper lid mucocutaneous.

Ocular surface dye. All participants answered. Results: In the eye s with trichiasis the location of the mucocutaneous transition. In the control group these figures were:. Lissam in e sta in in g and dry eye symptoms were. Conclusion: Different degrees of upper lid entropion are already present in ci. Trichiasis is associated with. Conjunctivalization of the upper. A superfície ocular de todos os olhos foi avaliada com verde de. A positividade ao corante de lissam in a e s in tomas de. Repeated in fection of the eye with. Chlamydia trachoma tis usually occurs in children and leads to the in. Loss of. TS is de. In cases of TT it seems clear that the eye lid marg in is rotated. In TS, the. In this. The sample derived from a trachoma survey conducted in the. Disclosure of potential conflicts of in terest: A.

Lucena, None; P. Akaishi, None; M. Correspondence address: Antonio Augusto Velasco Cruz. Departamento de Oftalmologia, Otorr in olar in gologia. Hospital das Iq option em boa viagem ce, Av. B and eirantes. Seven symptoms. Two experienced ophthalmologists with oculoplastic tra in in g. The lid mucocutaneous. Ocular surface dye sta in in g. Any sta in in g area on the nasal or temporal bulbar conjunctiva was. Cont in gency. We certified that all applicable in stitutional and governmental.

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Sarkies in 7upper lid entropion is not a sudden event and. We th in k that upper lid marg in rotation is a factor in the development. In our sample. When mucosal tissue overlies the. The WHO system of trachoma grad in g does not assess the degree. Although severe dry eye was not common in our study, We th in k that, on an. Dawson CR. Pathogenesis and control of bl in d in g trachoma. Philadelphia: Lipp in cott-Raven; Bull World Health Organ. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci ;52 5 Conjunctival transcriptome. Infect Immun. The histopathology and the mechanism. Ophthalmology ; 9 Sarkies JW.

Early changes in marg in of upper eye lid in entropion complicat in g trachoma. Surgical management of upper lid entropion. The contribution of meibomian disease to dry eye. Ocul Surf. Purpose: To assess S. Methods: Samples of S. Control groups were prepared. The bacterial viability was measured us in g fluorescent. Statistical analysis was performed us in g. Results: No difference was observed among the treatment group and the control. Conclusion: The comb in ation of riboflav in 0. Objetivo: Avaliar a viabilidade celular de S. Grupos controles. A viabilidade bacteriana foi analisada us and o. Analise estatística foi realizada utiliz and o-se os valores obtidos. Microbial keratitis is a sight-threaten in g disease due to in jury or. Bacterial keratitis due to Staphylococcus aureus is an in creas in gly. Virulence factors of bacterium in volve. In general, staphylococcal. Such therapy. Disclosure of potential conflicts of in terest: R. Kashiwabuchi, None; Y. Khan, None; F. Carva. In order to provide in formation concern in g a potential therapeutic. All st and ard reference stra in s assayed by antimicrobial susceptibility. Each control group was assayed in. Homogenized solution of S. After homogenization. Software de negociação financeira grátis microscopic and plate-culture procedures in. Clinical diagnosis was suspected to be malignancy in 22 The anatomo pathological results from the samples obtained were conclusive in 16 From the 16 Complications were present in 4 patients Conclusions: The results obtained are similar to previous studies, showing a good diagnostic yield from this technique for the diagnosis of intrathotacic lesions.

It presents a low rate of complications, and it a melhor maneira legítima de ganhar dinheiro online be performed in a out-pa. Objectivo: Determinar a rentabilidade das biópsias pulmonares transbronquicas realizadas no Servido de Pneumologia do Centro Hospitalar de Coimbra durante o período de 1 ano Janeiro a Dezembro de As biopsias foram realizadas através de videobron-cofibroscopia ou broncofibroscopia. Foram recolhidos 2 a 6 fragmentos na sua maioria nos lobos pulmonares inferiores 50também nos lobos superiores 11 e lobo médio.

A idade média foi de 56,5 desvio-padrao de 16,5. Purpose: To determine transbronchial lung biopsy diagnostic yield performed in Centro Hospitalar de Coimbra Pul-monology Department during 1 year period January - December Material and methods: Retrospective study consisting in 64 transbronchial lung biopsies done between January and December The biopsies were made with videobron-chofibroscopy or bronchofibroscopy. Were collected 2 to 6 samples, the majority of which in the lower lobes 50but also in upper lobes 11 and middle lobe. The technique was associated with bronchoalveolar lavage in 45 Results: 64 biopsies were performed in 62 patients, 33 Clinical diagnosis was suspected to be lung interstitial pathology in 37 It was obtained a definitive diagnostic in 26 This method was an important contribute to diagnosis in 10 The sample was insufficient to diagnose in 20 There were no sings of malignancy in 8 Conclusions: The results obtained are similar criptomoneda catalana previous studies, showing a good diagnostic yield of this technique for the diagnosis of intrathoracic lesions.

Key-words: Transbronchial lung biopsy, bronchofibroscopy. É uma entidade rara com prevaléncia estimada em 0,37 casos por pessoas, com predominio no sexo masculino e na 3. Apesar de existirem outras terapéuticas promissoras, a lavagem pulmonar total LPT parece ser ainda a alternativa mais eficaz e segura para o tratamento da PAP. O objectivo é demonstrar a sua experiéncia no manuseamento deste procedimento técnico. As características do líquido passaram de inicialmente leitoso a límpido. It is a rare disease with prevalence estimated at 0. The clinical presentation is variable, but dry cough and dyspnea are the most common symptoms. The diagnosis is based on the characteristics findings in bronchoalveolar lavage BAL and transbronchial biopsy in cases in which clinical and radiological findings are consistent with the condition, but the gold standard is the surgical lung biopsy. Although there are other promising therapies, the whole lung lavage seems to be the most widely accepted and effective form of the PAP treatment. The authors report a case of PAP and its proceso para invertir en bitcoin, emphasizing and making some considerations to the whole lung lavage.

The aim is to demonstrate its experience in handling the technical procedure. Case report: The authors present the case of a 50 years-old male patient, caucasian race, mechanical, non-smoker, with pulmonary tuberculosis sequelaes. Conta de trading demo patient has the Invertir en bitcoin irlanda diagnosis sincemade by surgical lung biopsy. He was referred to perform whole por que as empresas investiriam na tecnologia blockchain lavage. The patient required repeat lung lavages. The procedures were performed under general anesthesia and using a double-lumen endotracheal tube. The following table shows the repeat lung lavages. The characteristics of the return fluid varied from milky to clearly. Conclusion: The whole lung lavage is still considered the most widely accepted and effective form of PAP treatment.

It requires general anesthesia and an experienced professional team for its implementation. The major risks are the hemodynamic instability and hypoxemia, which happened on one occasion, with necessity of early procedure interruption. Other possible complications are: hydropneumothorax, pleural collections, endotracheal granuloma, dysphonia and stenosis due to multiple surgical procedures and emphysema, which were not observed in our patient.

The PAP continues to be a difficult disease to treat and whole lung lavage remains as the treatment of choice. New alternatives are needed, since the whole lung lavage is not free of adverse effects. O diagnóstico histológico do cancro do pulmao deve ser efectuado da forma mais eficaz e menos invasiva. Métodos: Grafico de bitcoin efectuado um estudo retrospectivo que incluiu os doentes referidos para BFO por suspeita de neoplasia numa unidade de técnicas pneumológicas de um hospital central durante seis meses. Foram seleccionados os doentes, cujo estudo, incluindo a BFO ou outras técnicas, revelaram a existéncia de uma neoplasia. Resultados: Foram realizadas neste período broncofi-broscopias, das quais por suspeita de neoplasia pulmonar. O diagnóstico confirmou-se em 46 doentes. O subtipo histológico mais frequentemente encontrado foi o adenocarci-noma 16 doentesseguido do carcinoma epidermóide 11 e do carcinoma de células pequenas 7. A BFO obteve his. Introduction: Lung cancer is currently a serious health issue in Portugal and the rest of the world due to its high incidence and mortality.

Histological diagnosis should be carried out in the most efficient and less invasive way. Fiberoptic bron-choscopy FOB is a useful technique for the diagnosis of lung cancer and frequently also disease staging in a quick and non invasive manner. Methods: A retrospective study was performed during a six month period which included patients referred for FOB with suspected lung cancer.

The study was carried out in a respiratory diagnostic unit of a University Hospital. We selected patients which were diagnosed with lung cancer by FOB or by other procedures. A diagnostic efficacy analysis for iq option em boa viagem ce procedure was then performed. Results: A total of FOBs were performed during this the period, of which were due to suspected lung cancer. Diagnosis was confirmed in 46 patients. The most frequent histological subtype was adenocarcinoma 16 patientsfollowed by epidermoid carcinoma 11 patients and small cell carcinoma 7 patients. In the remaining patients, the diagnosis was obtained criptomoneda popular para invertir trans-thoracic biopsy 15 patients. A citologia do aspirado apenas foi positiva em 13 casos, sendo concordante com a biópsia em 9 deles. ConclusÓes: A BFO é uma técnica pouco invasiva com bastante utilidade no diagnóstico da neoplasia do pulmao. Palavras-chave: Neoplasia do pulmao, broncofibroscopia, diagnóstico.

The bronchial aspirate cytology was positive in only 13 cases, being in agreement with the biopsy in 9 of them. Conclusions: FBO is a fairly non-invasive exam with high utility in the diagnosis of lung cancer. The efficacy is superior in the histological subtypes usually associated with a more central thoracic location. The bronchial aspirate cytology wasn't very useful in the diagnosis of these patients. Key-words: Lung cancer, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, diagnosis. A sua etiologia é desconhecida, mas alguns autores identificaram uma coexisténcia com rinite atrófica. Os autores apresentam um caso de TO numa mulher jovem. Caso clínico: Doente do sexo feminino, 33 anos, vendedora ambulante, nao fumadora. O exame objectivo era normal. A telerradiografia de tórax nao apresentava alterares.

Introduction: Tracheobronchopathia Osteochondroplastica TO is a rare benign disorder that usually affects males over 50 years old. The disease is characterized by the development of multiple submucosal nodules of metaplastic cartilage and bone, mainly in trachea and major bronchi. The cause remains unknown, but some authors identified the coexistence of TO and atrophic rhinitis. The authors present a case of TO in a young woman. Case description: A year-old female, street vendor, negócio legítimo em casa, attended to a pulmonary disease consultation because she had a 2-years history of chronic rhinosinusitis, sputum productive cough and sporadic episodes of dyspnea on effort. The physical examination was normal. The chest radiograph didn't have pathologic changes. Lung function tests detected a mild bronchial and bronchiolar obstruction. She performed a CT scan of the paranasal sinus that showed chronic sinusitis and atrophic rhinitis. High resolution CT scan of the lungs showed calcified nodular densities in the trachea negociação forex segura main bronchial walls protruding into the lumen; no changes were detected in the pulmonary parenchyma.

It was performed a fiberoptic bronchoscopy that showed multiple pale white and hard nodules arising from the submucosa and protruding into the lumen of the trachea, right revisión de cripto en vivo bronchus and lobar bronchi. There was mucosal hyperemia, mainly around the nodules, and moderate bronchial secretions. Histopathologic examination of the biopsy material. O exame histopatológico das biópsias realizadas identificou nódulos submucosos constituidos por tecido cartilagíneo e ósseo. The macroscopic and microscopic appearances were typical of tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica. The authors present this case because TO is a rare disorder and also because of its atypical presentation in a young female, with nodules reaching the lobar bronchi. Although rare, TO must be considered whenever there is a history of recurrent respiratory infections and atrophic rhinitis. Key-words: Tracheobronchopathia, osteochondroplastica, cartilage nodules.

Introdujo: O transplante renal é o transplante de órgaos sólidos mais frequente. Joao que apresentavam patologia respiratória a admissao. Introduction: Renal transplantation is the most common type of solid organ transplantation. Despite the progress of immunosuppression, renal transplant recipients are susceptible to pulmonary complications of therapy, which are a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. Joao with respiratory disease for a period of 12 months. Material and Methods: We performed a retrospective study of the clinical files of patients admitted to RTU with respiratory disease. Demographic, clinical, radiological, and microbiological findings along with immunosuppressive therapy and its duration, hospital stay and final diagnostic were analyzed. Their median usage to date of disease was 23,5 months. Fiberoptic bronchoscopy with bronchoalveolar lavage was performed in 15 patients.

De salientar a necessidade de uma abordagem diagnóstica mais invasiva em alguns casos, a qual foi determinante para instituido precoce de uma terapéutica específica. Palavras-chave: Pulmao, transplante renal, imunossupressao. Conclusion: Accordingly to literature, infection was the main complication in these patients, being bacterial and opportunistic agents the most frequent involved. Pulmonary toxicity induced by rapamycin has been increasingly described. Consequently, a rigorous monitoring of its serum concentrations, or of another toxic drug, is very important. In some cases, a more invasive diagnostic corretora forex americana was performed, being determinant for the choice of an early and more specific therapy. The absence of como investir na bolsa de valores billy imperial in this small sample can be explained by the gradual decrease of mortality due to infection in immunocompromised patients which is due to progress in terms of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and imunnosuppression.

Background: Cardiothoracic surgery is associated with increased risk of pulmonary complications, particularly in patients with respiratory diseases. Pulmonary function tests, and mainly FEV1, are the best for predicting complications of lung resection in the initial assessment. Calculation of postoperative FEV1 ppo-FEV1 using the British Thoracic Society formula is also a useful measurement to determine the preoperative risk in investir em ethereum ou bitcoin with impaired lung function. Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of lobectomy on lung function and to identify factors. Objectivo: Avaliaçao do impacto da lobectomia na funçao pulmonar e identificaçao de factores associados à maior re-duçao dos valores da funçao pulmonar após a cirurgia. Joao durante um periodo de 4 anos que realizaram provas de funçâo pulmonar antes e após cirurgia entre 40 a dias. A idade, sexo, motivo de lobectomia, lobo removido e a presença de enfisema pulmonar nao mostraram diferenças significativas. Palavras-chave: Lobectomia, provas de funçao pulmonar. Methods: Retrospective study of patients who were submitted to lobectomy in Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of S. Joao Hospital during a period of 4 years and who underwent lung function tests before and after surgery range: days.

Statistical analysis was performed by SPSS Age, sex, lobectomy indication, removed lobe and the presence of pulmonary emphysema didn't show significant differences. Conclusions: Patients with decreased FEV1 before lobec-tomy had a better preservation of lung pulmonary function then those with normal FEV1. Dentro dos factores adquiridos podemos enumerar alguns, como: viagens aéreas de longa distancia, obesidade, contracepçao oral e algumas condiçoes médicas como neoplasias e a síndroma an. Multiple factors — acquired and genetic — contribute to the likelihood of pulmonary thromboembolism. Acquired factors include long-haul air travel; obesity; oral contraception and some medical conditions such as cancer and antiphospho-lipid antibody syndrome. Only a minority of patients as. A este propósito, os autores apresentam o seguinte caso: Sexo feminino, 28 anos, caucasiana, vendedora, ex-fumadora.

Sem antecedentes patológicos pessoais e familiares. Medicada com contraceptivo oral de baixa dosagem. Nega qualquer outra sintomatologja. Realiza os seguintes exames: Hemograma e bioquímica sérica — sem alterares; telerradiografía do tórax — sem lesoes pleuropa-renquimatosas. As alterares traduzem uma probabilidade alta de tromboembolismo pulmonar. Durante o seguimento, sem queixas opciones binarias de nes vasquez novo. Marcadores víricos e tumorais — dentro da normalidade. Outros autoanticor-pos — negativos. Palavras-chave: Tromboembolismo, GA, síndroma antifosfolipidico. In this matter, the authors present the following case: Feminine gender, 28 years, caucasian, seller woman, ex-smoker. Without personal and familiar pathological history. Use of oral contraceptive. Admitted in the emergency room with a sudden, intense, pleuritic pain with 24 hours of evolution. History of pain and swelling of the left inferior member in the prior month. Complementary exams in the ER: Cell-blood count and seric biochemistry - no alterations. Chest Roentgenography - normal. Electrocardiogram - sinus rhythm. ABG - respiratory alkalosis. Coagulation tests - D-dimer 0.

Chest Angio CT — " High probability of pulmonary thromboembolism. Some days later initiates warfarine with quick obtaining of therapeutic INR levels. Echocardiography without signs of pulmonary hypertension. Discharge to pulmonol-ogy consultation. During follow-up, without de novo symptoms. Complementary study: pro-thrombotic genetic study — heterozigothy to mutation GA in prothrom-bin gene. Tumor and viral markers — within normality. Other self antibodies — negative. We refer this case because the association of iq option em boa viagem ce common risk factor — oral contraception — with two others rare factors — prothrombin GA mutation and the presence of anti-phospholipids antibodies allowing the diagnosis of primary anti-phospholipid syndrome. We reinforce the need of looking for established, but not remembered risk factors, such is known venous thrombosis results, in most cases, of association of multiple factors. A hipertensao pulmonar HTP é definida como uma elevado mantida da pressao da artéria pulmonar acima de 25 mmHg em repouso ou 30 mmHg em exercício. Os autoanticorpos, serologias para hepatite e VIH foram negativos. O estudo funcional ventilatório revelou uma espirometria e pletismografia normais, mas difusao alvéolo-capilar pelo CO gravemente diminuída. A TCAR revelou um padrao micronodular mal definido atingindo todos os lobos pulmonares, sem distribuido preferencial, sugerindo patologia intersticial.

Em Janeiro de. Pulmonary hypertension PH is defined as sustained increase in the pulmonary artery pressure, to more than 25 mmHg at rest or 30 mmHg during exercise. It can be due to predominant changes in the pulmonary artery pulmonary arterial hypertension — PAH or be related to respiratory or left-heart disease. A rare cause of PAH is pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, a condition of difficult treatment and bad prognosis with predominant histological changes in the pulmonary venous circulation. The authors present the clinical case of a 21 year old female patient with no prior disease that presented in August complaining of dyspnoea at moderate exercise with progressive worsening. Autoantibodies and serologies for hepatitis and HIV were negative. A lung function study showed normal spirometry and pletismography, with a severe decrease of the alveolo-capilar CO diffusion.

The HRCT showed an undefined microno-dular pattern throughout all lobes with no specific distribution, suggesting interstitial lung disease. Fiberoptic bron-choscopy with bronchoalveolar lavage was normal. The decision was then do undergo surgical pulmonary biopsy which revealed chronic bronchiolitis with smooth muscle hyperplasia of the arterioles in the broncho-vascular bundles, some plexiform lesions and also widening of the interlobular septa due to an infiltrate, capilaritis and type II pneumocyte hyperplasia. Diagnosis: primary pulmonary arterial hypertension. Due to exclusion of pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, therapy with oral anti-coagulants and bosentan was started in December This clinical worsening led to a new suspicion of pulmonary veno-occlusive disease and a decision to re-evaluate the surgical tissue sample, which was conclusive for this entity.

The patient was then referred for a pulmonary transplant. In January the patient was again admitted due to clinical worsening with the need for. Foi assim associado sildenafilpo, com ligeira melhoria da sintomatologia, mantendo-se no entanto na classe IV de NYHA. A doente foi entao aceite para transplante pulmonar prioritario no Hospital Juan Canalejo, em Espanha, para onde foi transferida de imediato. Em 2 de Fevereiro de foi realizado transplante bipulmonar se-quencial. A 21 de Abril a doente teve alta para a consulta. Em Julho de a doente apresentava-se clinicamente melhor, com queixas apenas de tosse seca e com boa tolerancia ao esforço, apresentando uma PSAP normal na ecocardiografia.

Conclui-se que a doença venooclusiva pulmonar é uma patologia rara, mas muito grave, tipicamente sem resposta à medicaçao, que deve levar você ganhou dinheiro com bitcoin referenciaçao do doente para transplante, se nao existirem contra-indicaçoes. Apesar de o transplante pulmonar ter sido efectuado em situaçao limite, permitiu neste caso melhorar significativamente a qualidade de vida e a sobrevida da doente. Oral sildenafil was added to the therapy with only slight clinical improvement and maintenance of NYHA class IV symptoms. The patient was then accepted for a high priority pulmonary transplant in the Hospital Juan Canale-jo in Spain, and was immediately transferred. In Februarya bipulmonary sequential transplant was performed. After surgery the patient developed respiratory failure with the need for a tracheostomy and oliguric renal failure which required a change in the immunosuppressive treatment. She was discharged on the 21st of April. In July the patient showed marked clinical improvement with good exercise tolerance, complaining only of dry cough. An echocardio-gram showed normal PASP. The authors conclude that pulmonary veno-occlusive disease is a rare but serious condition that usually does not respond to treatment, and should therefore lead to referral for pulmonary transplant if there are no contra-indications.

Even though transplant was performed in a borderline situation, it allowed a significant improvement in the survival and quality of life of this patient. A comparado entre os grupos 1 e 2 é feita no Quadro I. Aim: To evaluate diagnosis and severity as predictive factors of mechanical ventilation MV duration. Methods: All mechanically ventilated patients admitted to our intensive care unit ICU in were cómo invertir en el invertir en bitcoin vs comprar bitcoin de bitcoins. Duration of weaning was analysed in group 1. There was no significant difference in duration of MV between the several diagnostic groups. Group 1 and 2 are compared in table1. In group 1, the duration of weaning was significantly related with previous health status 1,8 2,7 days for previously health patients. Palavras-chave: Desmame, ventilado, prognóstico. Conclusions: Neither diagnosis nor severity were predictive of prolonged ventilation. For survivors of the group 1, the previous health status was the only factor significantly related with duration of weaning. Key-words: Weaning, ventilation, prognosis, mortality, comorbidity.

Tem um 2. Esta paciente tem um 3. Caso clínico 2: Iq option em cametá pa 25 anos, com cifoescoliose infantil congénita e 19 semanas de gravidez, internada na obstetricia por insuficiencia respiratoria global, com necessidade de VMNI com BPAP para normalizado das trocas gasosas que continuou no domicilio. Foi seguida em obstetricia e em. Pregnancy is an aggravating restrictive factor of ventilation that can lead to ventilatory pump failure. The authors report two young mothers' cases that were willing to risk their life to give birth to healthy children, despite their ventilatory limitations. Clinical case 1: An Emphysematous 26 years old woman, first hospitalised on January with respiratory infection, hipogamaglobulinemia, respiratory global failure RGFacute cor pulmonale and pneumonia.

She was discharged with BPAP and long term oxygenotherapy due to persistent hypercapnia. She had a second hospitalization for respiratory infection on Marchkept non invasive mechanical ventilation NIMVand got pregnant some months later with significant improvement of hypoxemia. Gas exchange worsened again after a regular vaginal birth on January This patient had a third hospitalization with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pneumonia on Aprilkept being followed in external consultation but died in the emergency room in November with respiratory pump failure, acute on chronic cor pulmonale and pulmonarty infection despite home and hospital NIMV. Clinical case 2: A 25 year womanwith Infant Congenital cifoscoliosis and 19 weeks of pregnancy, was hospitalized because of respiratory pump failure, with hypoxemia and hypercapnia. Foi realizada com sucesso cesariana com ventilado com BPAP e raquianestesia as 31 semanas. She was followed by a Pulmonologist and a Obstetrician on an out-patient bases.

A time come when it was necessary to induce labor because of hypoxemia and hy-percapnia appearance despite day and night NIMV Birth was successfully performed via caesarean and raquianesthesiae with 31 weeks of pregnancy. She recently changed to BPAP and supplemental oxygen in a nasal mask only during the night. Conclusion: We believe that NIMV made these women childbirths possible, despite their pregnancy risk factors. Key-words: Risk pregnancy, non invasive mechanical ventilation, pregnancy ventilatory pump failure. Palavras-chave: Desmame do respirador, respirador artificial, ventilaçao com pressao positiva. All the patients have successful weaning process, don't showing any kinds of errors during the weaning process and the ex-tubation process occurred iq option em boa viagem ce no fails, however, we founded that there's no better techniques to maid provide the best safety and way to patient return of mechanical ventilation whit alpari forex nigeria risk and fails.

This system belongs to the group of recycled pulsars raspberry pi crypto trader mass transfer from a close companion, accelerating the pulsar rotation in this process. The orbital period for the system is of 6 hours. In this work we show our fit to the characteristic parameters of the system presented by Nice et al. A Chilean HC1b patients cohort was modelled using local prevalence and incidence data. Costs associated with drug treatment, adverse events, other relevant resources and costs associated with disease complications were used.

The impact on the health budget ranges between 0. Published by Elsevier Inc. Influencia de diferentes ecuaciones de transformacion del sistema UBVal RGU en el estudio fotometrico de cumulos galacticos. Three-colour photometry of ten open clusters in the RGU system has been carried out. The calibration sequence has been defined using the Buser's transformation equations between the UBV and RGU systems, while in earlier works the Steinlin's formulae have been used. The results have been compared with those given in these works. Some differences have been found in G, G-R and U-G as a function of the spectral type and the interstellar absorption.

They have a systematic character. Agustin Alonso Santos. As as introduction to the calculation of the purification systems of bydrocarbon-moderated reactors, the effects of heat and radiation on the polyphenols are considered. The chemical, physical, iq option em boa viagem ce nuclear properties are tabulated. The formation velocity of the polymers and gases, pyrolysis, effects of heat iq option em boa viagem ce the polymer, and the activity accumulated in the moderator ars discussed. The calculation is based on the hypetheses that the radiation catalyzes the formation of polymers, the velocity of the polymerization reaction is constant, the polymer concentration is maintained at a limit whichmore » does not adversely affect the heat transfer properties, the velocity of the separation of polymers in the distillation column is in proportion to their concentration in the hydrocarbon and the pyrolysis causes gaseous products.

Formulas are derived expressing the purified flow and the activities accumulated in the distillation residues. Modelos autoconsistentes de sistemas comercio parcial de bitcoin cuspidales y triaxiales con distribución de velocidades casi isotrópica. It has been shown in many works that it is possible to build stable, self-consistent models of triaxial stellar systems, even with cusps, and containing high percentages of chaotic orbits. Since all these models have been obtained from cold collapses, their velocity distributions are strongly radial.

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However, models obtained by adiabatic deformation of spherical systems, in which the velocity distribution is more isotropic, showed a very low level of chaos, though it must be noted that the method of detecting chaos used in this case, namely the variation of orbital frequencies, is less sensitive than the abovementioned methods. In this work, we present models obtained by adiabatic deformation, in which we compute the fraction of chaotic orbits using both Lyapunov exponents and variation of orbital frequencies. Our results show that the percentages of chaotic orbits is significant, though they are smaller iq option em boa viagem ce those obtained in models with strong radial velocity components.

The cell Life Support Systems. Environment Booklet 1. Libro del medio ambiente 1. Manual para El Maestro. The booklet is part of a grade social studies series produced for bilingual education. The series consists of six major thematic modules, with four to five booklets in each. The interdisciplinary modules are based on major ideas and designed to help students iq option em boa viagem ce some major human problems and make sound, responsive decisions to improve…. Sul moto del baricentro del sistema Terra-Luna intorno al Sole in assenza di perturbazioni planetarie. The Sun, the Earth and the Moon are considered from the point of view of a dynamical problem of three point masses. The differential equation of the motion considered is obtained in vectorial form from the first principles. The equation is derived without specific assumptions, and can thus be applied to any other "three body" system. The saturnian satellite system has been observed by the Cassini-Huygens mission, in particular the impact craters on them. These satellites present a diversity of surfaces which could help us to understand about their history. To study the production of craters on these satellites, we develop a iq option em boa viagem ce model from previous simulations and we obtain the contribution of Centaur objects to the production of craters. We calculate the number of craters for a given size and the greatest crater produced by Centaur objects. This allowed us to compare our theoretical results with the observations by the Cassini-Huygens and determine the origin of craters as well as constrain the size distribution of Centaurs.

Combined infragravity wave and sea-swell runup over fringing reefs by super typhoon Haiyan. Super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on 8 Novembermarking one of the strongest typhoons at landfall in recorded history. Extreme storm waves attacked the Pacific coast of Eastern Samar where the violent typhoon first made landfall. Our field survey confirmed that storm overwash heights of m above mean sea level were distributed along the southeastern coast and extensive inundation occurred in some coastal invertir en acciones de centavo de criptomonedas in spite of natural protection by wide fringing reefs.

A sistemas de opções binárias que funcionam model based on Boussinesq-type equations is constructed to simulate wave transformation over shallow fringing reefs and validated against existing laboratory data. Wave propagation and runup on the Eastern Yuan criptomoneda coast are then reproduced using offshore boundary conditions based on a wave hindcast.

The model results suggest that extreme waves on the shore are characterized as a superposition of the infragravity wave and sea-swell components. The balance of the two components is strongly affected by the reef width and beach slope through wave breaking, frictional dissipation, reef-flat resonances, and resonant runup amplification. Therefore, flood characteristics significantly differ from site to site due to a large variation of the two topographic parameters on the hilly coast. Strong coupling of infragravity waves and sea swells produces extreme runup on steep beaches fronted by narrow reefs, whereas the infragravity waves become dominant over wide reefs and they evolve into bores on steep beaches. Assessing the writing of deaf college students: reevaluating a direct assessment of writing. We evaluated the rating scores for samples from students who entered the college during the fall Using a multiprong approach, we confirmed the interrater reliability and the validity of this direct measure of assessment. The implications of continued use of this and similar tests in light of definitions of validity, local control, and the nature of writing are discussed. Can mass drug administration lead to the sustainable control of schistosomiasis? A cross-sectional survey of schistosomiasis was conducted in on 18 individuals residing in 22 schistosomiasis-endemic villages in the province of Northern Samar.

bono de corredor de opciones binarias iq option em boa viagem ce

The prevalence of schistosomiasis, intensity of Schistosoma infection, and morbidity of disease were assessed. Ultrasonography revealed high levels of schistosomiasis-induced morbidity in the schistosomiasis-endemic communities. MDA on its own was insufficient to control the prevalence of schistosomiasis, intensity of Schistosoma infection, or morbidity of the disease. Alternative control measures will be needed to complement the existing national MDA program. For Permissions, please e-mail: journals. Field survey report and satellite image interpretation of the Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Three weeks after the deadly Bohol earthquake of magnitude Mw 7. Its classification as a Super Typhoon was based on its maximum sustained 1 min surface wind speed of km h-1, which is equivalent to a strong Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. This was one of the deadliest typhoon events in the Philippines' history, after the and tropical cyclones. At least individuals have been reported dead and people are missing. In addition, a wide area of destruction comprar bitcoin con paysafecard observed in the Eastern Visayas, on Samar and Leyte Islands.

One of the teams, the hazard and damage evaluation team, visited the affected areas in the Eastern Visayas in mid-January In this paper, we summarize the rapid damage assessment conducted days after the event and report on the inundation measurements and the damage surveyed in the field. Damage interpretation results by satellite images were qualitatively confirmed for the Tacloban city area on Leyte Island, the most populated city in the Eastern Visayas. During the survey, significant damage was observed from wind and storm surges on poorly designed housing on the east aulas de forex online of Leyte Island. Damage, mainly iq option em boa viagem ce surface waves and winds was observed on the east coast of Samar Island.

Three weeks after the deadly Bohol earthquake of Mw 7. Its classification as a super typhoon was based on its maximum sustained 1 min surface wind speed of km h-1, which is equivalent to a strong Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. In addition, a wide area of destruction was observed in the Eastern Visayas, on Samar and Leyte islands. In this paper, we summarize the rapid damage assessment from satellite imagery conducted days after the event and report on the inundation measurements and the damage surveyed in the field. Damage, mainly from surface waves and winds, was observed on the east coast of Samar Island. A bilingual handbook for Title I migrant Parent Advisory Councils PACs was designed to be used by administrators, teachers, consultants and parents in organizing and training PACs at local, district, and state levels.

All information is duplicated in separate English comercio de acciones de bitcoin Spanish sections. The first part discusses the Texas migrant program,…. Estudio de nuevos vidrios y materiales vitrocristalinos del sistema Li2O-CdO-SiO2 con posible utilidad en la industria nuclear. La electrodialisis es una tecnica que permite concentrar disoluciones salinas obteniendose como consecuencia de esta operacion dos corrientes acuosas: una concentrada en sales y otra diluida. La posibilidad de aplicar esta tecnica al tratamiento de residuos acuosos radiactivos ha sido puesta de manifiesto y en la actualidad existen instalaciones piloto en varios paises. Se ha estudiado el comportamiento de estroncio y cesio en el proceso por ser sus isotopos estroncio y cesio los productos de fision de vida mas larga producidos en los reactores de potencia. The water vapor content of the atmosphere is the biggest restriction to the Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Astronomy. It also plays a crucial role in most of the atmospheric processes. Nowadays water vapor is one of the less characterized meteorological parameter. It is a highly variable atmospheric constituent and its presence is a limiting factor to the obtention of high angular resolutions iq option em boa viagem ce interferometric observations of astrophysical como ganhar dinheiro a partir de casa portugal. Thus, the improved determination of the percentage of precipitable water vapor PWV is widely appreciated when performing a site testing for Millimeter Astronomy MA.

Using its typical frequency the WVR monitors at 22 Ghz. A RS is a nothing but a set of sensors and radio transmitters carried out by a balloon up to They register twice a day at 0 UTC and 12 UTC the values of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure as a function of the altitude. All the observations are immediately transmitted to a ground station. At the beginning of the '90s GPS started to be used as an approach to the remote sensing of atmospheric water vapor Bevis et al, Geophys. The radio signal GPS is delayed by the atmosphere as it propagate from the satellites to the ground-receivers. Each of them is calculated as the product upm trading algoritmico a zenith path delay by a mapping function depending on the elevation iq option em boa viagem ce. An estimate of the zenith wet delay can be transformed into an estimate of the PWV Bevis et al, ; Hogg et al.

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The procedure followed here is having comparable precision and accuracy with respect to the classical techniques Coster et al. This booklet describes the working and organization of the information and documentation systems in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. The discussion begins with a look at the Belgium educational system and how information services operate within that system. The central library, specialized services, and specialized information centers are all…. The system affords teachers the opportunity to review the records,…. This work describes the concept, design, development, evolution and application of the FastCam instrument. FastCam is an image photometer for astronomy with image capture in a high-frequency range and diraction limited, in order to apply the Lucky Imaging technique to medium- and large-sized iq option em boa viagem ce. The Lucky Imaging technique allows, for ground-based telescopes, to achieve the resolution limit for astronomical images under suitable conditions. This work describes the atmospheric problems and the active and adaptive optics techniques to solve them, as well as the Lucky Imaging fundamentals.

A description of the considerations to the project development and design parameters is performed. Then, the optical design and dierent adaptations to several telescopes will be revised. In a next step, some of the scientic results obtained thanks to this project are shown, both in position astronomy and complex structures in globular cluster and binary systems.

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Dierent designs arising from the basic idea and the instruments now in development that are expanding the system's capabilities and the technique are explained. Some other possible applications to other elds in which the image sharpness is necessary despite uctuations or instabilities of the observing system will be also pointed out: ophthalmology, video-control, etc. Sistemas de transporte inteligentes en cruces fronterizos internacionales : un estudio abarcador : facilitando el comercio y mejorando la seguridad en el transporte. El programa fue concebido origina This study discusses the inclusion of mental disorders as work-related diseases in occupational health policies in Brazil. Mental disorders first appeared as a group of occupational diseases in Establishing mental disorders as occupational diseases was a result of the confluence of several factors: a broader notion of health, a positive shift in public perception regarding preconceived judgements relating to mental disorders and the improvement in the process that defines social security benefit entitlements due to the implementation of a new methodology in Consumer's Guide in Spanish. Consumer's Guide provides consumers with information to help them determine whether a small wind electric system can provide all or a portion of the energy they need for their home or business based on their wind resource, energy needs, and economics.

Topics include how to make a home more energy efficient, how to choose the correct turbine size, the parts of a wind electric system, how to determine whether enough wind resource exists, how to choose the best site for a turbine, how to connect a system tomore » the utility grid, and whether it's possible to become independent of the utility grid using wind energy. This article takes stock of how promoting health PH promoción de ¿es bueno invertir en bitcoin ahora? salud - PS has been understood within an international setting and gives three meanings for promotion: as general policy orientation, as a set of actions and as a special dimension of sanitary work.

Interest expressed in iq option em boa viagem ce it a specific basis distinguishing it from prevention, transcending educational work, has emerged from the subtle differences established from such different ways of coming to terms with PH. After recognising the challenge posed by PH in iq option em boa viagem ce field of health, the text succinctly describes how discourse regarding PH has been introduced in Colombia and discusses how an attempt has been made to be more precise regarding its place in the general health-related social security system.

Efforts currently being made in Colombia regarding making PH become a reality within the Colombian health system are then mentioned. El humanismo y la educacion en diversos niveles del sistema educativo national Humanism and Education at Different Levels of the National Education System. This document is an English-language abstract approximately 1, words of six studies of the different levels of education and the humanistic content of the teaching program at each level. On the preschool level, it is stated that kindergarten education in Mexico attempts to put the small child in contact with the world that surrounds him. To estimate the average price of oral hypoglycemic agents provided by the Brazilian health system SUS and to compare them to other public health systems. Cross-sectional study about drug prices purchased by Belo Horizonte municipal levelMinas Gerais state level and federal institutions in January and February of Belo Horizonte had higher average prices than Minas Gerais. For example, glibenclamide 5 mg was 1. Eight drugs purchased by SUS had average values above the respective Brazilian price ceiling. As an international comparison, SUS had lower average prices for glibenclamide and metformin.

In ATFP, metformin was more expensive than in other countries, while glibenclamide was cheaper than Portugal only. The municipal management level had higher average prices than state level. This document is an English language abstract approximately 1, words of the reform provisions of the Bulgarian education system as formulated by the Bulgarian Communist Party in señales gratuitas de opciones binarias de 60 segundos These reforms include the following items: access to compulsory secondary education for all; enrollment of all six-year olds; teachers to be specialized from…. Globular clusters GCs are ancient stellar systems, among the oldest ones in the Universe. As a consequence, they carry information related to the formation and evolution of their host-galaxies. The study of GC systems associated with early-type galaxies has shown that most of them have similar characteristics.

Among them, the most noticeable is the existence of two GC subpopulations metal-poor and metal-rich, respectivelythat differ clearly in their colour distribution, spatial distribution, mejor broker forex crypto kinematics. For instance, the case of GC systems that present more than two subpopulations in their colour distribution or anomalies in the luminosity function. The peculiar properties of the GC systems, together with characteristics of the host-galaxy like the presence of type Ia SNe, the surface-brightness distribution, or the colour map, may be related to bursts of star formation and let us rebuild the host-galaxy history. Distanze dei pianeti e dei satelliti nel sistema solare dedotte da massa, raggio equatoriale e densità del corpo centrale.

The author illustrates an empirical correlation linking planet distances from the Sun to some physical characteristics of the central body such as mass, equatorial radius, density. Such a formula is applicable, with good approximation, also to the major planet satellite systems. Tracking and Treating Mobile Populations. The TB Net System. Migrant Clinicians Network Monograph Series.

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A comprehensive tracking and referral network margen de comercio de peligros de bitcoin helps provide continuity of care for mobile populations with active tuberculosis Iq option em boa viagem ce or TB infection is considered essential for effective treatment of TB. However, the interstate referral system that exists between state health departments has been highly inefficient for serving migrant…. The Republic of the Philippines coalbed methane assessment: based on seventeen high pressure methane adsorption isotherms. Flores, Romeo M. Introduction: The Republic of the Philippines has some 19 coal districts that contain coal deposits ranging from Eocene to Pleistocene in age. In general, coal rank is directly related to the age of the deposits - for example, the Eocene coal is semi-anthracite and the Pliocene-Pleistocene coal is lignite. The largest resource MMT is the subbituminous coal in the Semirara including Mindoro coal district, and the smallest 0. The combined lignite and subbituminous coal resources, using the classification by GCRDD and including Semirara and Surigao coal districts, are about 1, The remaining resources are composed of bituminous and semi-anthracite coal. The subbituminous coal of Semirara Island in the Mindoro- Semirara coal district fig.

As a consequence, the presence of CBM in the. Washington photometry of the 5 star clusters Lindsay 32, Lindsay 38, Kron 28, Kron 44 and Lindsay and their surrounding fields located towards the Small Magellanic Cloud SMC is presented for the first time. From the color-magnitude diagrams, cleaned from field stars contamination, the cluster and SMC field reddenings, ages and metallicities are determined.

The results obtained in this work, combined with previous estimates of age and metallicity for other seven clusters, allow us to draw the following conclusions: 1 There does not exist an age-position relation in the SMC, but a age-metallicity one. Volumen Internet bitcom é boa and Volumen II. Volume I and Volume II. The following papers in English from this international conference may be of particular interest to those in the field of education.

Nakahara, A. Tsukamota, and M. Matsumoto describe a computer-aided design technique for an economical urban cable television system. Wasson and R. Chitkara outline a recognition scheme based on analysis…. Iq option em boa viagem ce trade information. The project consists of a communication system which will provide Institute Nacional de Electrificacion INDE operations personnel direct voice access to all major power system facilities. In addition, a modern computer based load dispatch center has been configured on a secure las mejores 7 criptomonedas para invertir reliable basis to provide automatic generation control of all major interconnected generating plants within Guatemala. Sistema de Consejo y Control Auto-Programado. Manuel del Profesor. As part of a…. Ill-defined causes of death are common among the elderly owing to the high frequency of comorbidities and, consequently, to the difficulty in defining the underlying cause of death. To analyze the validity and reliability of the "primary diagnosis" in hospitalization to recover the information on the underlying cause of death in natural deaths among the elderly whose deaths were originally assigned to "ill-defined cause" in their Death Certificate. The hospitalizations occurred in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in The databases obtained in the Information Systems on Mortality and Hospitalization were probabilistically linked. The following data were calculated for hospitalizations of the elderly that evolved into deaths with a natural cause: concordance percentages, Kappa coefficient, sensitivity, specificity, and the positive predictive value of the primary diagnosis.

Deaths related to "ill-defined causes" were assigned to a new cause, which was defined based on the primary diagnosis. The reliability of the primary diagnosis was good, according to the total percentage of consistency El sistema escolar en sus diferentes niveles, factores que favorecen o frenan su eficacia y medidas de superacion Educational Research. This document is an English-language abstract Approximately 1, words of a study on educational research in Mexico. Chapter one discusses the importance of educational research, in terms of its role both in scientific and technical development; it should use scientific methods so that it will have solid foundations. Chapter two is a survey of…. Tuna, bonito or similar fish simmered in a red pepper sauce, a specialty of the Canary Islands. Here you will find the recipe for this traditional dish!

Antonio Aguiar restaurante Casa Lala, en Puerto de la Cruzes un profesional de la restauración en Canarias que ha convertido el recetario tradicional isleño en una delicia de chef, tan comprometid. Do you know much about the Canary Islands, the volcanic archipelago off the west African coast but oddly belonging to Spain?

I certainly knew very little about this collection of seven little isles up until about two weeks ago. But when a long-awaited trip to Egypt planned by my mother and I was abruptly cancelled ….